The ’new‘ post-Corona work: Back to reality?

#Corona-pandemic is said to have changed our perception of #work in terms of physical location. I don’t think this massive disruption in daily routine is about to vanish and we are going back to pre-Corona procedures. Some thoughts about this topic:

* Certainly, work from home (or #homeoffice) made us more sensitive about communication. Human nature needs some degree of personal interaction that cannot be replaced completely by online tools. Now it’s time to find literally a ‚working balance‘ again.

* Management had to accept less physical control of their employees in terms of checking presence. I assume organisations that strive for regaining the ‚old‘ degree of control once the pandemic flattens will fail. Instead they should more focus on leading by targets and/or agree on quality expectations based upon a climate of trust.

* From legal point of view, major responsibilities of businesses in terms of providing a productive and healthy work environment have to be addressed. Work-from-home is not just about providing a laptop. And there are still many employees who are lacking an own home office space at all…

However, I do hope that we will benefit from a discussion process based upon a broad reflexion about the ’new‘ way of working reality.

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